GAIA – For sustainable development

Music is a global language. It connects people across generations. Through music, we connect with people and through our sustainable practices, we inspire them. We are committed to gender equality and quality education, climate action and environmental protection, peace and justice.


For climate action and life on land

During the festival week, our musicians and artists travel from their accommodation to the rehearsals on foot, bicycle, or public transport. We are also pursuing sustainable routes in close partnership with Gartenbau Andergarten. We choose to forego floral decorations in our concert venues. We opt for potted plants that can be reused after the festival. This decision reduces the environmental impact of importing cut flowers by plane, which affects the climate, water, soil, and air. And rather than presenting traditional flower bouquets to thank our artists after performances, we offer them a symbolic branch. The money saved from this initiative is donated to Gartenbau Andergarten and allows them to sow new life by planting flowers and foliage, serving as a green bridge until the next festival.

This campaign can be supported with donations before, during and after the festival.


For good health, well-being, and sustainable partnerships

Since our first festival in 2006, GAIA has promoted a collegial culture with flat hierarchies. We don't talk about each other, but with each other. Musicians meet several days before their first concert to work together, rehearse and get to know one another. We promote and encourage gender equality and self-determination for all participants, regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, origin, religion, or economic status. The time we spend together is fun and productive and promotes understanding and empathy — strong cornerstones for functioning societies. Meals are made with regional and organically produced products.


For quality education

We foster and promote young talent with GAIA NEXT GENERATIONS since 2010. We believe that if you want to develop your talent and skills, you need practical experience. You need to be at the source, where music is composed, rehearsed, marketed, and brought to the public.
Together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, we develop new works in dialogue with composers and students. We integrate promising artists from Switzerland and from all over the world into the GAIA Music Festival. It begins with shared experiences backstage, away from the spotlight, and ends with performances with established musicians on stage. This is how we enable young talent to grow and gain exposure. Practice-orientated, behind the scenes, in front of and on stage – exceptional, live and with great success.


For gender equality, reduced inequality, peace, and justice.

Socially relevant issues move us. Every year, we explore these issues under a new theme — examining the compositions we perform, and engaging in dialogue with composers, musicians, artists, and the audience. We comment on our annual theme and provide potential solutions. We actively advocate for peace (2023), greater justice (2024), gender equality and reduced inequalities (2022) all for a better world.


For entrepreneurship and creativity

GAIA has been cooperating with the Brienz Violin Making School since 2024. Promising violin makers from the region make their instruments available for young musicians to try out. This gives young musicians the opportunity to explore and demonstrate their skills on excellent instruments. Luthiers and talented musicians exchanging experiences enable both parties to grow and it fosters both music and instrument making.


For responsible consumption and production.

We produce as little food waste and rubbish as possible. We donate food that we don't use to local charitable organisations such as Asyl Berner Oberland. We only serve food and drinks in recycled or sustainable packaging. This is our way of taking responsibility.

Sustainability is an ongoing process that GAIA continues to prioritise. Every year, we endeavour to intensify our efforts and tackle both existing and new sustainability goals.


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