Sustainability Ethos

The GAIA Music Festival was named to connect the world through music and to associate it with Mother Earth itself.

We care about our global environment and promote sustainability wherever possible.

Our musicians and artists travel on foot or bicycle from their accommodation to rehearsals throughout the festival week. Other transport is either public or hybrid. The sustenance we provide for our musicians, staff and volunteers is locally sourced.

Any food that we cannot consume is offered to local charities such as Asyl Berner Oberland, who support refugees. We are mindful of limiting how much trash we produce. We serve our food and drink in recycled or sustainable packaging, and we encourage our audience to present their concert tickets electronically to reduce paper waste.

Our sponsors and partners share our ethos and, in turn, work in an environmentally conscious way and with a sense of social responsibility.

Our rehearsals have an open-door policy where members of the public are welcome to listen free of charge.

We create happenings where ticket prices are nominal and symbolic to allow more people complete access to arts.

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