GAIA Next Generations

Empowers young musicians

GAIA Next Generations promotes a set of core values in classical music. We take a holistic approach, fostering understanding, empathy and, communication with one another and the audience.


Why we support young talent

Few professions are as difficult to break into as music. Many musicians give music lessons or work part-time jobs to supplement their income. Sadly, many musicians are denied the opportunity to perform on stage, despite putting their heart and soul into their music.

Developing young talent often starts on a small scale. Aspiring musicians may enter selective talent development programmes where they hone and develop their skills in specialised workshops. However, true growth requires hands-on experience, which means taking to the stage. If you want to become a master, exchange with established masters of international stature is key. But well-known musicians often move in circles far removed from the next generation, making them inaccessible to young talent.

If musicians want to grow their presence, take to the stage, gain exposure and build a reputation, they need to have visible opportunities where music happens — at the source of a composition, through to rehearsal, marketing and the performance on stage. It starts with getting a peek behind the scenes, away from the spotlight, and ends with interacting with esteemed musicians onstage. With young talent, tomorrow's music will continue. Since 2010, we have promoted these shared experiences. We make it possible for young talent to grow practically and live with great success, whether behind the scenes, in front of, or on stage.

Our Philosophy

  • Interaction is the basis of music making
  • Interaction starts with commitment
  • Commitment comes alive through the exchange and sharing of dreams, experiences, achievements, and failures.
  • Exchange and sharing requires performance
  • For every musician, performance is the catalyst for energy
  • Vital energy is sparked by learning from great masters and getting exposure
  • Getting exposure means playing for an audience
  • Playing for an audience means gaining experience.
  • Experience is the key to success


In this way, with this intention, we nurture and foster young talent through incredible music and in collaboration with great masters, guiding them from the beginning to a culminating point of their journey.

Join us in supporting GAIA Next Generations.


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