GAIA Music Festival – Our Intention

Since its inception in 2006, GAIA has become an effervescent hub of ideas and impulses, designed as a heightened experience for both musicians and their audiences. Following non-traditional paths in its quest for innovative ways of sharing music, GAIA strives to make music accessible for everyone and continuously pioneers conceptually-driven events which include established, rarely-played, contemporary and specially-commissioned repertoire, as well as alternative approaches to their presentation.

Gwendolyn Masin initiated the first GAIA Music Festival near Stuttgart, where it ran for two consecutive years of highly-praised programmes and sold-out halls. The festival was awarded the Göppinger Kulturpreis for its outstanding impact on the cultural landscape. In 2009, the festival celebrated its inaugural Swiss edition and has remained in Switzerland ever since.

For several decades now, Masin's work has increasingly focused on finding alternative ways to bring more music to more people. In an interview with “Der Bund” in 2022, she stated that she believes “artists are critical observers of time and have, as part of their means of expression, the possibility to offer meaningful contributions to the public, ones brimming with intent and impacting audiences.”