GAIA 2016
Music Festival Oberhofen
on Lake Thun



Wednesday 4 to
Sunday 8 May 2016

Klösterli Oberhofen
House of Music – Kurt Matter Stiftung

Hilterfingen Church

> GAIA 2016 – Programme (German)

GAIA is my home

Gwendolyn Masin, founder and artistic director

"GAIA is the perfect place to create dreams. GAIA is my home."

GAIA is a festival that provides the tranquil setting, time, and space for appreciating live music, and that lets you experience extraordinarily gifted musicians up close during rehearsals and in concert. It is a festival known for its warm interpersonal relationships and communication.

GAIA is the intersection and meeting of art, music and performance in a picturesque setting. GAIA is a singular and unique experience specific to the time and place of its occurrence. It is the Earth unfolding to give life to the conversation of artists creating alongside one another. GAIA is the sixth sense that cannot be described, only felt; GAIA is a Festival celebrating pure life.
At GAIA, Festival participants – artists, musicians and audience members – can expect to be swept up in the enigmatic and dynamic spirit which effervesces from the passion of artists creating together.
The festival site in Oberhofen, situated on the fabulously beautiful Lake Thun, offers a special ambiance and atmosphere for listening to unique music.
When you have finally created the home of your dreams, you invite your family and friends to meet and celebrate together.

We invite you to GAIA and welcome you to “Die Begegnung”!


Gwendolyn Masin
Founder and artistic director

The Tales of Hartmann

This year, GAIA has commissioned the author Lukas Hartmann to write texts on the musical works “Burlesque de Quixotte” by Telemann, “Suite italienne” by Stravinsky, and “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Mussorgsky. The texts will be read by actress Heidi Maria Glössner. We are looking forward to an inspiring interplay between literature and music, between humane and mundane events and the magical dynamics of music.

Photograph of Lukas Hartmann:
© Bernard van Dierendonck

Photograph of Heidi Maria Glössner:
© Ingo Hoehn/