Head and heart

Driven by the friendship between Gwendolyn Masin, violinist and artistic director, and the Bernese architect Christoph Ott, the partners and the GAIA team have been working together since 2009 and ensure a varied and exciting music festival every year.

Gwendolyn Masin

"GAIA is more than music. GAIA has something of the enchanted about it — something that cannot be described, only experienced." 

Christoph Ott

"GAIA is a pearl for everyone involved, be it as a listener, artist or sponsor. GAIA is a meeting place for a wide range of partners for innovative business ideas."

Soul and spirit

Colette Kappes

"When musicians of this same format as at the Gaia Festival are on stage, a pull is created, an energy that nobody can escape."

Beatrice Frey


Jean-Marc Gillieron

Staff and Volunteers
(until 2023)

Theo Sommerhalder

Staff and Volunteers
(from 2023)

Andreas Kehrli


Aya Yoshigoe

Stage Management

Skye Worster

Beat Glur

Public Relations