GAIA 2019
Music Festival Oberhofen
on Lake Thun



Wednesday 1 to
Sunday 5 May 2019

Klösterli Oberhofen
Schloss Oberhofen
Haus der Musik Oberhofen
Parkhotel Gunten
Stadtkirche Thun
Kirche Hilterfingen

GAIA Music Festival Oberhofen


The 11th GAIA Music Festival entitled SEHNSUCHT (LONGING) took place from 1–5 May 2019.



GAIA is a festival that provides the tranquil setting, time and space for appreciating live music, that lets you experience extraordinarily gifted musicians like Isabelle van Keulen, Kirill Troussov, Christoph Croisé and Hannes Minnaar up close during rehearsals and in concert; it is a festival known for its warm interpersonal relationships and communication. And it has been for eleven years.

Like an antithesis to our contemporary fast-paced life, musicians from all over the world meet at Lake Thun for a week of rehearsing together. Founded on this careful and intense preparation, the concerts provide a special environment, in which the music is not only presented, but enjoyed and experienced.
The festival location in Oberhofen, situated on beautiful Lake Thun, offers a special atmosphere for listening to unique music and invites you to resonate and breathe together as one. GAIA is the sixth sense that cannot be described, only felt.

Enthroned directly on the lake, visible from far away, the stately medieval castle along with Klösterli, Parkhotel Gunten and the exciting halls of the museum of musical instruments of Wichterheergut, offer a fabulous framework for the concerts. Close to the lake’s edge are two further venues that will sound with GAIA’s musical energy: the parish church of Thun in the heart of its old town, as well as in Hilterfingen Church. GAIA also unveils exciting programmes filled to bursting with well-known gems of the classical music repertoire as well as rarities and premieres.

At GAIA, Festival participants – artists, musicians and audience members alike – can expect to be swept up in the enigmatic and dynamic spirit which effervesces from the passion of artists creating together.

You are warmly invited to GAIA Music Festival Oberhofen – we would love to welcome you to this year’s “SEHNSUCHT” (Longing), an edition filled with the very passion, artistic freedom, love, desire, and fulfilment that drive GAIA to new heights every year.

Gwendolyn Masin,
Founder and Artistic Director